Research Program

CISR is comprised of faculty from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and is augmented by visiting professors and researchers from around the world. There are approximately 15 graduate and undergraduate students working within the Center.

Current Research Projects

Fundamentals of New Ironmaking Processes
Mixed Burden Softening and Melting Phenomenon
Simulation of Reduction of Iron-Ore Carbon Composite Pellets in a Rotary Hearth Furnace
A New Ironmaking Process to Reduce Energy and CO 2 Emissions
Oxidation and Decarburization in TRIP Steels
Effect of Particle Size on Heterogeneous Nucleation
Effect of Mold Crystallization and Its Chemistry on Radiative Heat Transfer
Minimization of Oscillation Marks
The Ability of Slags to Absorb Solid Oxide Inclusions
A Study of Austenite Formation Precipitate Growth in Duplex Stainless Steels
Oxygen Utilization and Decarburization in the Electric Arc FurnaceFormation of Al-Ti Inclusions